All testing must be done using some specific seller credentials. These can be common or individual seller credentials. Test environment never handles real money!

The test environment URLs begin with https://test1.maksuturva.fi. Please note that production and test environments are completely separate and the credentials only work in the environment they were obtained for.

When the web store wants to use production environment and real cash, the services are found from production address https://www.maksuturva.fi or https://payments.maksuturva.fi.

Testing with common seller credentials


Seller id (i.e. pmt_sellerid)

Secret key

Key generation (i.e. pmt_keygeneration)

Extranet login

Extranet password


Seller id (i.e. pmt_sellerid)

Secret key

Key generation (i.e. pmt_keygeneration)

Extranet login

Extranet password

Web store using Buyer’s Assistant






Web store using Seller’s refund tools






Please note that when using these common seller credentials, your test data is publicly available to everyone using the same common seller credentials. We advise you to make sure that the data you use is appropriate. Also, we will perform housekeeping from time to time so please remember that your test data is not stored in our system indefinitely. If in doubt, or you know you will have special requirements, please use individual seller credentials.

Service models

Buyer’s Assistant is a service provided by Svea Payments, where Svea offers the buyer an online service called Buyer’s Assistant. In the service, the buyer can report returns or reclamations, and track the delivery of their order. When Buyer’s Assistant is in use, Svea also communicates with the buyer by sending email notifications to the buyer relating to the order, the delivery of the order, and any changes made to the order. You can read more about Buyer’s Assistant here (in Finnish). Buyer’s Assistant is not in use by default.

Seller’s refund tools refers to the tools that Svea Payments offers to web stores for making refunds to buyers. These tools do not require the use of Buyer’s Assistant. For what time period and for which payment methods the refund tools are in use, depends on the service model. You can read more about making refunds here (in Finnish).

Minimum and maximum amounts

The minimum amount to be used when testing invoice and B2B invoice is 5,00 EUR (maximum 3000,00 EUR) and for part payment 50,00 EUR (maximum 3000,00 EUR). These are the default limits for these payment methods in production as well. For bank and card payments the minimum amount to be used is 0,46 EUR (transaction fee 0,45 EUR + 0,01 EUR to be ‘settled’ to the webstore). This is the default transaction fee in production as well, and when payments are settled in net, there must be something left to be settled to the webstore.

Testing with individual seller credentials

Obtaining individual credentials from Svea Payments

Individual test credentials are granted without any separate agreement. Just fill in the subscription form at https://test1.maksuturva.fi/MerchantSubscriptionBeginning.pmt and wait for Svea’s customer service to activate them.

Please use a working email address as the seller’s main contact person’s email address since Extranet user is created for that email address. The API test credentials (seller id etc.) are obtained from Extranet.

You can use the bank account number FI27 1234 5612 3456 73 when subscribing the test service. Signing the test subscription form is not necessary.

Payment method instructions


No Credentials needed

Payer can choose whether a successful or unsuccessful payment is simulated.

  • OP

  • Nordea

  • S-Pankki

  • Danske Bank

  • Säästöpankki

  • Oma Säästöpankki

  • POP Pankki

  • Handelsbanken

  • Ålandsbanken


Käyttäjätunnus: 12345678
Salasana: 123456
Turvaluku: 1234
Turvaluku 2: 1234

Credit Cards

Test card numbers and additional information can be found on Payment Highway’s website.

Invoices ( incl. B2B ) and Part Payments


Invoices and Part Payments requires authentication of buyer’s test credentials for desired outcome of the credit decision ( approved, declined ).

You can find credentials for test mode following the link: https://developer.signicat.com/enterprise/identity-methods/ftn/#test-users ( NOTE! Banks with test user 11111111 will result in invalid PIN, use 2222222 for valid PIN. )

Example of test credentials for use cases

Test credentials


Test credentials


Nordea → DEMOUSER1 ( = 010200A9618 )

Payment successful ( approved credit decision )

Nordea → DEMOUSER2 ( = 291292-918R )

Payment unsuccessful ( declined credit decision )

Additionally with Svea B2B invoice

Depending on the desired outcome, please us corresponding business identity code.

Finnish Business Identity Code

Billing address


Finnish Business Identity Code

Billing address



Testitie 1
00370 Helsinki

Payment successful




… or any other valid BIC

Testitie 1
00370 Helsinki

Payment unsuccessful


Svea Payments Oy
+358 9 4241 7050 (weekdays 8:00 - 16:00)