Shopify installation guide

This guide is about installing Svea Payments to your Shopify store.


  • You have created a store on the Shopify platform

  • You have Owner-level permissions to manage settings

  • You have your Seller id and Secret Key ready


  1. In your Shopify store, install and activate a single Svea Payments Payment App or separate Payment Apps for each payment method

  2. Install Svea Companion App

  3. Activate customer contact method “email”

  4. In Payments, activate Payment capture: automatic


You have two options on how to install and use the payment methods:

Option 1: Install a single Payment App and let buyers select payment method after redirection to Svea Payments service. Quicker to install as only one configuration is needed.

Option 2: Install separate Payment Apps for each payment method. Buyers can select the payment method on the Shopify checkout page.


Option 1: Install a single Payment App

  1. Log in to your Shopify store admin

  2. In Settings - go to Payments - choose: Add payment methods

  3. Select: Search by provider and write in search box the name of the payment app: Svea Payment App FI

    1. (NOTE! You can alternatively skip steps 2-3 and find and install the app by following this link and choose “Connect” to install a single Svea Payment App FI to let buyers select payment method after redirection to Svea Payments service.)

  4. Select: Activate

  5. Select Connect

  6. Select Install app

  7. Enter your credentials: Production Merchant Id and Production Merchant Key. Press Save. If needed, you can find your credentials in Svea’s Extranet. If you don’t have an Extranet account, contact our customer service.

  8. Select Confirm

  9. Select Activate

    1. Note! Enable test mode only if you are using a test service.

 The new installation is now completed.


Next steps:

Images for Installation






Additional important settings:

Log in to your Shopify admin

  1. Choose: Checkout

    1. Then: Customer contact method – select “Email”

  2. Choose  Payments

    1. Then Payment capture: activate Automatic


Additional settings Images


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